Codetta in C for Hosaphone(tm)

Codetta in C for Hosaphone(tm), Piano & Bass by David A. Roth

'A history-making composition.' -- Anonymous scholar

Now you can get this important artistic work that the Master commissioned Roth to compose!

Read the fascinating story of how this piece was commissioned.

Order your very own copy of the sheet music which includes the solo Hosaphone(tm) part and piano accompaniment.

Codetta in C for Hosaphone(tm) sheet music cover

Codetta in C for Hosaphone(tm) & Brass Quartet, playable by any brass quintet. Order now with credit card.

Listen to the performance of this important work on the beloved Hosaphone(tm) and learn to play it yourself with the play-along practice version right now!

As heard on the Dr. Demento Radio Show on August 31, 1997, CODETTA IN C FOR HOSAPHONE(TM), PIANO & BASS performed by the comp(h)oser.

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