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Hosaphone(tm) Headquarters has retained the services of a high priced statistical researcher who resides in Northwestern Indiana. (We hear the best ones come from that area, at least this is what the guy's brochure said.) This PhD was given the task to answer the following burning question that has been on the minds of many.





What is the probability of encountering a potential Hosaphone(tm) user in the US?

The probability is very good:

Assuming a literacy rate of 97% for the United States (we have to assume people can read, so they can follow the instructions for assembling a Hosaphone(tm)), and a population of 318,892,103 (Source: US Census - January, 2014), we start with 309,325,340. Now we must take into account other factors, proximity to a hardware store (there are people who live in certain urban areas that have never walked into a hardware store). These people are the hardware-challenged and represent a special population that will need assistance in acquiring the hardware. Assuming that approximately 5% of the population of the United States is Truly Hardware Challenged (THC), then we find that 293,859,073 of the population are potential hosers. What about other factors? Everybody says most Americans can't program their own DVRs, but assembling a Hosaphone(tm) is much easier than programming a DVR. Still, we must assess the Technologically Challenged (TC) as part of the population. Let's assume that 25% of all Americans are exhibit TC to the point that they could not assemble a Hosaphone(tm). In which case our Potential Hosaphone(tm) User (PHU) drop to 220,394,305.

Thus, we have established the following formula for computing PHU from the population:


Where PHU is
Potential Hosaphone(tm) User
P is
the total population of the United States
L is
the percentage of Literate people (expressed as a ratio)
the Non-Truly Hardware Challenged (expressed as a ratio)
NTC is
the Non-Technologically Challenged (expressed as a ratio)

There are other, more precise ways of assessing PHU. However one must remember that PHU is a gross assessment of a country's development and status within the world community. For example the HUI (Hosaphone(tm) User Index), which is: 691.125 is computed as a ratio of HUs over the total population, multiplied by 1,000 or:


More exacting indices of assessing HUI quality takes into account the number of MBA's in the total population (MBA's are notoriously non-musically oriented) but such refined indices are beyond the scope of this web page. In summary, if you are reading this web page, you are more than likely already a Hoser