Hosaphone(tm) Stock Watch

While the rest of the world economy focuses on things of little importance we at Hosaphone(tm) Headquarters truly know what is important, and that's the Hosaphone(tm). We have carefully selected those publicly traded companies which we believe support the Hosaphone(tm) that we honor by including them in the Hosaphone(tm) Stock Watch. Those equities have been listed here along with their trading values for your convenience.

  • The Home Depot, Inc. (plastic tubing, duct tape and funnels)
  • Loew's Companies Inc. (plastic tubing, duct tape and funnels)
  • Sears Holding Corporation (owns K-Mart which sells funnels)
  • Williams-Sonoma Inc. (makes excellent food grade funnel bells)
  • Yamaha Corporation (mouthpieces)
  • Inc. (mouthpieces, plastic tubing, duct tape, funnels and the entire contents of the universe)

Disclaimer: We caution you not to use this information for investments or to make changes in your stock portfolio or anyone elses. We further caution you not to use this information to bore strangers at coffee shops, barbershops, salons or corner anyone at a party or whomever might be seated next to you on a full flight with your vast knowledge of stocks because you saw the movie Wall Street or Trading Places. This is provided here for informational purposes only. If you feel compelled to invest, we recommend you invest in yourself by spending more time in a music practice room instead of taking a flyer on any stock.